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Spent 20 years in quest of truth in India, receiving the teachings of great living masters. During this time, he was initiated into many healing and meditation techniques. In the year 1993, he went to China to receive his first initiation into Qigong from one Taoist and one Buddhist master. After 6 years of intense practice and further learning, he met with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, who taught him the skills of the Shaolin Wahnam lineage, thus taking him to a high level Qigong. Outstanding results on the physical and mental plane started to manifest. After several years of dedicated practice, Pragata started teaching the 18 Lohan Hands with the blessing of Sifu Wong. His students are achieving most remarkable results. Pragata’s teaching is naturally strongly colored by the years he spent sitting at the feet of his Indian Masters, first Osho, then beloved Satguru Papaji and now in Portugal with Ganga, the radical remover of illusion.

Pragata is the cofounder together with his long time friend Rama of "La Montaña Azul - Centro de Formacion y Retiros" in Costa Rica:

He teaches Shaolin Qigong in Europe and the US, in hospitals, Zen monasteries, yoga communities and centers for Transformation, as well as in the corporate world to executives and decision makers.

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